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How Your Contacts Guarantee You Redeemable Free Airbnb Credits

Airbnb is a game changer when it comes to the way people book accommodation the world over. Be it first time users or repeat clients, Airbnb has simplified accommodation search and reservation process. And most of all, the amazing part is the free Airbnb credit offered to its existing customers who take an initiative to invite or refer family and friends to the site.

It is a reward-based model that is redeemable against future stays. The free Airbnb credit amounts to US$ 35 but varies according to location, available Airbnb promotions, currency fluctuations and the terms and conditions of the offer. Interestingly, a family member or friend whom you refer also receives a similar amount of credits which is redeemable during their first qualifying stay.

Making a referral is quite a simple process. Get into your Airbnb profile, select “Invite Friends” icon located on the top right corner of the profile display. A clear display of your entitlements in terms of free Airbnb credit will appear. Subsequently, the options for copy and paste your referral link, share via Facebook or share via email will display.

Select your preferred option to complete the initial process towards your free Airbnb credits. It is an amazing reward system initiated by Airbnb to reward both its loyal and new customers. Take advantage of this program while it lasts. The more the people you refer, the higher the free Airbnb credits. Imagine how many credits you will earn just by contacting your Facebook friends or your email contacts who may just be ready to spend in luxurious and cost effective accommodation offered through a world-class community platform.

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