5 Ways For Men To Lose Belly Fat Fast

It’s no secret that the most common question coming from men over 30 is how can they lose their belly fat. You’re not like you used to be in your 20′s anymore. No, now you have children to look after, a wife to keep happy, and a career that swallows your time and provides all the stress you could want.

Remember back when you were 20? The only concern of the day was what time you were going to the gym? You never thought about belly fat. So what happened?

The perfect storm of events and responsibilities happened that’s what. I have learned this all too well upon hitting the big 3-0 mark, getting married, being a new dad and starting my own business. Over the 2 year span that this all happened to me I have watched my body try to change, which left me asking the question how to stop this belly fat for good while keeping my busy schedule.

Let’s look at what probably happened to you:

#1 You got comfortable in your marriage and “let go” a little

#2 Your gym time disappeared due to the kids and career

#3 Increased “Adult” stress has taken its toll on your gut and energy.

#4 Your diet and consequently, your testosterone levels have gone in the crapper.

Does this sound like you? You’re not doomed, you can still lose your belly fat.

Before I tell you exactly how you’re going to lose your extra belly fat, you need to know what exactly belly fat actually is. Belly fat is subcutaneous fat, fat underneath skin,  and visceral fat, fat surrounding your organs.

You need some degree of visceral fat to protect organs and to cushion them but unfortunately, most guys are storing way too much which leads to health problems eventually. A whole bag of health problems can arise from carrying too much visceral fat like heart failure, diabetes, sleep apnea, high blood pressure, and certain cancers.  Sounds great huh?

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